sounds from underground

let’s forget about your job
for 2 days it’s dead and gone
rings the bell you free your mind
it’s like a treasure your spare time

write your wishes on a list
as if tomorrows won’t exist
warn your friends they could be blinded
by the spotlights of tonight

we sound the charge NOW
we smash the walls DOWN
infect the whole TOWN
sounds from the underground

the DJ will PLAY
the songs that we SAY
tonight we are FREE
start counting 1,2,3…

when the party’s just begun
friends, loud music booze and fun
all these things will take the place
of the ordinary faces
that you’re sadly bound to see
every weekday of the week
the only thing you care about
now is having good times tonight

take it easy on your clothes
one more beer, they will be lost
pay no attention to your shape
two more beers, you’re getting beauty through the haze

and if we had to choose the way
to leave this world and fall from grace
it wouldn’t be in sunshine
but on this freaky Friday night

take your stand
raise your can
you’re the leader of this band
summer, spring, winter, fall
always ready steady go
here’s your turn, roll the dice
shout it out and close your eyes
like the famous singers say
put your hands up in the air