Old Fashioned Shop

Well my granny told me “there’s a shop in town, it’s easy to find it!
if you’re having bad times, guaranteed, it’s gonna make you feel alright
from dawn ’till dusk the opening hour you can read it on the signboard
once you walk in, anytime, I bet you’ll leave when out it’s night

there’s a shop that sells you happiness
you got to find it
many toys, red candies, souvenirs
& funny tales gone by
to fall asleep tonight

inside the shelves were filled with anything to light up our desires
when we were young my friend don’t you forget our fantasy was quite enough, we’ve always
wondered about the clerk who strummed his old guitar behind the counter
an unlit cigarette, looked so upset, dangling from his crooked mouth

there’s a shop that sells your happiness
all your money can’t buy
your childhood summer times
many toys, red candies souvenirs
& funny tales gone by
to fall asleep tonight

if there’s a thing He couldn’t see – it was the tear of misery on any child’s face-
so He used to give his toys, didn’t want no money back at all
but the hard financial time, a leading actor in this rhyme
laid its hand on the shop and made it fall apart

Now that shop is just a memory
the void left by that place
distressing nowadays
no more toys, red candies, souvenirs
just pics so hard to find
to shed a tear tonight