Finally we’ve reached our destination
counting our cash, showin’ our ID cards,
well here I am in the forbidden place
you can read the satisfaction’s painted on my face

Naked lapdancers are shaking their tits,
rich businessmen in suit and tie
are sweating like pigs, the night’s on fire
but guess who’s hiding behind his glass?

Goodevening Mrs.Neighbor
glad to see you in this place
No don’t you worry I won’t talk to your sweet and lovely wife
as long as you don’t say nothing to my girlfriend, believe me when I say
I hope you will enjoy tonight

Boys don’t lose your head
meeting him is not so bad
he could buy our silence by hiring us a girl for a private dance
let’s take this chance, for tonite my dirty friends
we can leave our problems somewhere else

While I’m turning my head I see
her green eyes that give me a thrill
like a spark in the darkest night,
they’re more bright than the pale moonlight;
then she slowly comes next to me,
softly whispers something in my ear…

Goodbye my dear neighbor we gotta go home
the sun is breaking through the clouds I’m sure,
but before we go, listen to me once again…
we’ve just the time to bring my neighbor in the closet for one last private dance!